Privacy Statement & Disclaimer

Protecting your privacy

Protecting the privacy of our (future) customers and/or visitors to our website, but also our suppliers and employees, is of great importance to Dubbeldam Holding.

We treat the personal data of customers and visitors with the utmost care and security. Dubbeldam Holding ensures responsible data processing and complies with the Personal Data Protection Act and other applicable European laws and regulations.

Please find below the sections of our privacy statement for the GDPR. For us, this is not a static document, since privacy laws constantly change.

Responsibility for data processing

The person responsible for data processing is the Private Limited Company, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number: 23048854. Our VAT number is: NL006635982B01. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, we will explain various processing operations on this page.

The purpose for which the data is processed:
• To accept and issue a proposal to an existing or potential customer by Dubbeldam Holding.
• To execute agreements in which Dubbeldam Holding may provide your personal data to a third party involved in the execution of the agreement, such as suppliers and partners of Dubbeldam Holding.
• To handle your question or request and for the purposes specified below in this privacy statement. This contact can be by phone, email, through the contact form on the website, through a link included in an email sent by us or through any other electronic message offered to you or when you subscribe to newsletters and/or social media.
• To calculate and collect amounts due on the basis of work performed and/or services and products provided.

Method of storage of personal data

Dubbeldam Holding stores your personal data in a secure local environment in Schelluinen. Our CRM package also runs offline. Your personal data is stored on legally secured devices (desktop, mobile phone and tablet) that can only be accessed by authorised employees. The majority of our mobile devices are only accessible by biometric identification.

Security and retention period

Dubbeldam Holding treats your personal data with the utmost care. For example, we ensure that the data we share between us is properly secured (SSL certificate) and only authorised persons within Dubbeldam Holding have access to it. Dubbeldam Holding does not store your personal data longer than necessary for the purposes described above or to comply with legal (retention) obligations.

Use of personal data by third parties

Dubbeldam Holding does not allow the use of personal data by third parties for commercial or idealistic purposes. We have entered into written processing agreements with our key suppliers and partners. We are happy to make this available to you on request.


Dubbeldam Holding may use your email address to send you necessary information about your products and/or services and/or for news, developments and offers of (new) similar products and services (product email). We currently use MailChimp to send digital newsletters.

Dubbeldam Holding will not send unwanted push messages by means of a periodic digital newsletter, unless you specifically sign up for this by Opt-In. This means that we comply with the Telecommunications Act (with the Consumer and Market Authority as the supervising authority). The storage of your data is for an indefinite period of time. You can unsubscribe whenever you want by using the link at the bottom of the newsletters or by sending an email to


On our website you can find information about our organisation, services, partners, certifications, references, vacancies and news items.

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that a web page stores on a PC, tablet or mobile phone. These cookies are used to enable our website to work better and monitor visits to the website. This allows us to determine how many people have visited the website in a certain period of time. Dubbeldam Holding uses this data only in aggregated form and is unable to trace visits back to a specific PC or individual. Of course, you can also disable the use of cookies.

Please note: if you disable cookies, certain services or elements of this site may not function or may not function optimally. Also read our cookie statement.

Social media

We use social media to keep you updated about our latest products and services, our vacancies and our events. You can follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. No terms and conditions from Dubbeldam Holding are attached to the use of social media. You agree with the terms and conditions of the social media platform.

Use of images

On our website we use visual material for our references. Also during events that we organize we take pictures which we use in Dubbeldam Holding communications such as testimonials. We only do this if you give us your written consent for the use of identifiable visual material. We store this visual material during the period in which it is used by us in the various communications.

If you wish to withdraw your consent, we will remove the visual material at the next new release of our website and at the next replacement of brochure and display material.

Apply for a job at Dubbeldam Holding

If you apply for a position at Dubbeldam Holding, we ask you to share information with us. This concerns your name and address, your date of birth, and your CV. These details will be stored for up to 2 years from the deadline for applications.

Your rights

At all times, you have the right to request your details from us. Dubbeldam Holding provides insight into what has been recorded and what information we store about you. You can do this by sending an email to or contacting Dubbeldam Holding by phone at +31 085 487 4242. You will immediately receive an overview of your personal data.

If your name and address details are not correct or if there have been changes in the meantime, we will immediately complete or rectify them. Dubbeldam Holding will transfer your data to another party at your specific request.

You also have the right to have your data deleted by us. You also have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority if you feel that Dubbeldam Holding is not handling your data correctly.


Dubbeldam Holding reserves the right to change this privacy statement or make it public if this is legally required. We will also endeavor to respect your right to privacy as much as possible. In connection with possible legislative and/or policy-related changes, we request that you take note of the privacy statement of Dubbeldam Holding, Griendweg 100, 4209 DB, Schelluinen, KVK number: 34183701 from time to time.


This website has been created with the utmost care. However, Dubbeldam Holding is not liable for any direct or indirect damage that may arise from the use of the information provided herein.

No rights can be derived or claims made in any way from the content of this website. All information on this website is subject to printing, typesetting, pricing, and programming errors. All images on the Dubbeldam Holding website are protected by copyright and cannot be used by third parties.


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Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at or +31 (0)85 487 4242.